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Kendra:I can't sleep

Gregg:Me neither

Kendra:I haven't been able to eat or sleep since Ashley died

Gregg:You'll get through this 

Kendra:I don't think i will

Kendra:It was our fault 

Kendra:She's dead because of us 

Gregg:Don't say that

Kendra:How can i face everyone at the funeral knowing she died because of me?

Gregg:It's not going to be easy

Kendra:I wish i could tell her how sorry i am

Kendra:I feel like the guilt is going to eat me alive.

Kendra:I just wish i could talk to her one more time and explain everything

Gregg:Maybe there's a way


Gregg:A way to talk to her

Kendra:What are you talking about?

Gregg:This might sound crazy...

Gregg:But if there was a way to apologize to Ashley,would you do it?

Kendra:Of course

Kendra:But that's impossible

Gregg:What if it's not?

Gregg:There's this oul message board on a darknet site

Gregg:Where people say they've texted with dead people

Gregg:They sweat it works

Kendra:That's insane

Kendra:And you're insane for believing things you read on the internet 


Gregg:But i want to apologize to Ashley as much as you do......
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